Tool: Public Structure Browser for New Eden

Hey guys,

the new player-owned structures like Citadels and Engineering Complexes have become very popular and lead to many changes on how the game is played.

Player-owner structures

This is especially true for those player-owned structures that have been made public. A public structure can be used by any pilot allowing them to tether, dock and use its services. For me as a low sec pirate its e.g. very useful to now find a place to safely dock and repair in low sec systems, that previously did not have any stations. And this is just one example of the many new applications that public structures bring to New Eden.

However so far its has not been easy to find public structures. The in-game structure browser is a great help, but it’s limited to the current region and one has of course be logged-in to use it

Public Structure Browser

To make it easier to find public structures I created a new website called Eve Structures This website provides a browser for all public structures in New Eden, including all regions and even J-Space. This new Structure Browser works similar to its in-game pendants: After selecting a region, the user can filter the list of structures by solar system, security (high sec, low sec and null sec) and type of structure (e.g. Astrahus).

Link to Eve Structures

Here is an example of how it looks like:

Public Structure Browser
Public Structure Browser

How it works

This website is possible thanks to some amazing features of the newly introduced ESI API for Eve Online. Although the API currently only provides name, type and location of a structure I hope it will be extended in the future to also include owner corporation and provided services. I will of course add additional information to this website if they become available.

If you have any questions, comments or like to report a bug please feel free to contact me ingame.

Erik Kalkoken