Tool: New web-based Item Viewer for Eve Online

Hey guys,

did you ever wanted to check the stats for a specific ship or module without having to log into the Eve client? Sure, there are a few 3rd party websites that have an item viewer that allow you to show information for Eve items. However, they have some problem. Most are either completely out-of-date (e.g. Eve Market), which makes some unreliable or they look so different from the in-game “show info” (e.g. Fuzzwork’s Item Viewer) that it can be tedious to find anything.

Introducing a new Item Viewer

I therefore decided to build a new Item Viewer for Eve Online with primary goal of providing a similar interface then the in-game “show info” window, that we all know so well. The new Item Viewer is web-based and also optimized for mobile web browsers, so that you guys can check stats for items while on the go.

Here is a first look at the Item Viewer, which is now available under:

Example pic showing fitting tab for the Caracal
Fitting tab for the Caracal

Overview of main features

The item viewer can display info for every item that exists in Eve Online. Here is an overview of the main features:

  • Shows information for every item that exists in Eve Online
  • User Interface similar to the familiar in-game “show info” windows for items
  • Currently supports “Traits”, “Description”, “Attributes”, “Fittings” and “Variations” tab known from the in-game viewer
  • Additional “Market” tab shows current average price and links to 3rd party website that provides a list of current market orders and a market history for the item
  • Search bar with autocomplete allows to quickly find any item
  • Posting links to an item in Slack or Facebook will automatically expand to provide full info
  • Large item image available for all items that supports it (e.g. ships). Just click on the item icon.
  • Optimized to work on mobile phone browsers
  • Direct linking to info pages supported for 3rd party application that like to directly link to an item

Further plans

I currently plan to further enhance the tool and also add the “Industry” and “Requirement” tab from the in-game viewer. Any feedback whether this would be required / useful would be highly appreciated.

I hope you guys find this tool useful. As always I welcome any feedback / questions you might have.



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