Guide: How to upgrade a Factional Warfare iHub and why it is important

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upgrading the iHubs is an important task in Factional Warfare. In order to help new pilots I have put together a brief FAQ on the topic.

How do I upgrade an iHub?

To upgrade a Factional Warfare iHub all you need to do is to fly to the system you want to upgrade and warp to the iHub in the system. (It is also shown on your overview)

iHub in space

When you are near the iHub (< 2.500 km) you can open the “System Upgrade Panel” by right-clicking on the iHub structure.

iHub in space (close view)

The panel will show you how much LP is required to reach each level, how much LP the iHub currently holds and it will allow you to donate LP.

Factional Warfare iHub Upgrade Window

Which iHubs should I upgrade?

You should choose you system by two criteria:
1. Current system level is below 3
2. Contested percentage of the system is low

The best way to find these systems is to open your Factional Warfare windows and sort the systems by level. There you can also see how many jumps you need to travel to each system.Factional Warfare Control WindowAnd of course you can only upgrade systems that are owned by your Militia. (e.g. Caldari Milita)

Why is it important to upgrade an iHub?

The level of owned systems is directly connected to the war zone control tier that is shown in the Factional Warefare window. So upgrading a Factional Warfare iHubs will help hugely in keeping a higher tier and thus ensuring higher LP payouts for all FW pilots.

Where can I learn more about iHubs, systems levels and tiers in Factional Warfare?

Check out the comprehensive guide on Eve Uni.

Fly save and keep donating LPs to the iHubs.

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