Now you can earn PVP Trophies in Eve Online

Hey guys,

I am a big fan of Eve Online and I also play other games. And there is one concept that most of the other RPGs have, that I felt was missing in Eve Online: a trophy system.
Trophies – or achievements as they are called on Steam – are a very interesting concept for a player. I would say they have three main functions:

  1. They motivate players to practice specific aspects of a game and become better at it in the process
  2. They provide you with bragging rights among your friends, e.g. when you completed a very challenging trophy.
  3. They allow you to measure how good and/or dedicated another person is at a game in comparison to others

Of course there is a similar concept in Eve Online called ‘medals’. However, medals are defined and awarded by each corporation individually. As a result they vary hugely┬áin terms of quality and usage between different corporations. But the main issue is that there are not comparable outside corporations. So if they are used correctly, all of the functions from my list above will apply to them, but only within the context of a corporation. You can’t really brag about your medals with pilots outside your own corporation and you certainly cannot us them as measure for how good or dedicated a player is which is not in your corporation.

So I decided to try and fix that by adding a “real” trophy system to Eve Online.

Its basically a website that will evalute your current PVP statistics against defined criteria and award you with trophies if you meet them, In additon your total completion score is represented by a level.

Here is a screenshot of the website.

Screenshot of Eve PVP Trophies
EPT – screenshot


The first release is up and running as of today, you can check it out here: Eve PVP Trophies

I hope you guys like it and would hugely appreciate your feedback. And please let me know if you should encounter any bugs.

Best regards,