A little Eve story about a new player and his Gila

Hey guys,

here is a little Eve story about a new player that happened to me recently.


A 2-weeks old player wanted to try PVP and entered low sec with his brand new Gila. He had just killed a lot of pirates on a difficult mission in high sec and felt invincible.

Three systems in he got a bit scared by all the red flashy pirates in local and decided to head back to high sec. He traveled back as quickly as he could.

Unfortunately this was not his lucky day and he got caught on the last low sec gate by an evil pirate. The fight was short and he lost his ship and pod.


Ship Killmail
Pod Killmail

In my opinion any pilot coming to low sec is fair game. But since he was new player I contacted him afterwards to explain and offer my help. He seemed pretty cool about the loss.

Best regards,